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enough with overwhelmed, overworked and overpowered ... it's time to make a new way born of power with

Are you a leader mired in burn out, overloaded demands and inner frenzy under a mask of "good"??

When we speak with leaders, regardless of industry and profession, even age, what we most often hear first is what's going well, what they're achieving, their plan for handling the challenges facing their business and team. The way everything is basically OK or, perhaps, even really good.

And, when we dig a little under the surface of all this, the number one thing that emerges is the degree of inner churn and frenzy they are actually living with. Many have become experts at ignoring it, hiding it, or accepting that this is just "the way it is".

We don't have a five step solution to this, and, in our experience, there's no magic pill. But here's the thing we have unshakable belief in .. when you learn to connect or reconnect to your thread of aliveness and be with life in new and deeply engaging ways, you will find your way through all this. And your journey will bring incredible things to your life - your WHOLE life - that you can hardly imagine from here. 

Things that will make you a kind of brave hearted leader that draws you to others and others to you in a journey that will literally change everything. We call this the journey of becoming a Wakefulness Warrior.



When you learn to live from calm, clear presence, the wisdom and intelligence of your soul will guide you with ease and courage through everything in your life. Awakening to this way of being is foundational to extraordinary leadership today.


the spirit of mindful regard

Modern warriors carry the spirit of care for self and others. They see people, deeply and with great heart. Leadership becomes a process of ever unfolding growth and transformation.

lead from power with

Most leaders are living in organizations that work through Power Over to some degree. Over time, this diminishes our true warrior spirit, twists it into something that doesn't actually fulfil our soul. There is another way to do leadership, we can help you live it.

discover your inner strength

When you make the leap from power over to power with, the paradox is you'll actually discover a source of mindfulness, strength & resilience that's beyond measure. It's a journey worth the inner work. And we'll walk beside you every step of the way.

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We've spent decades creating and delivering impactful leadership coaching programs to help thousands of professionals develop. 

The Wakefulness Warriors program is the very best of all that, plus some. We work with you virtually, through 1:1 coaching. And, provide 24/7 access to content that supports your journey. 

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Interested in the stories behind how we came to be here with you, and the inspiration behind Wakefulness Warriors? 

Our mantra is "If you've come here to help me, you're wasting your time. But if you've come because your liberation is bound with mine, then let us work together."

Our Giving Story

Everything we do gives back in ways that change lives, through our partnership with B1G1

Every time someone joins our Facebook group, one farmer in Kenya receives a month's supplies to operate his bee keeping business.

And, every time someone enrolls in our program, a child in that village is sent to school for a year.

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