Transforming how we lead

Big change happens one person at a time

Together we've worked with thousands of leaders, in hundreds of companies, across many different countries. We've met so many amazing people, people who have inspired us, helped us grow and evolve, and challenged each of us in ways that often seemed hard to meet.

We  have a passion for humans that is unshakable. 

We also know that in our culture today many people are feeling overwhelmed and stuck in an inner turmoil that is almost accepted as 'normal'. 

It's not.

And, it's also not the end (although it can feel that way). It's actually a call for something new, something based on a different way of leading, working, caring, and growing together. 

We want to help make that new way. A way based on Power With which doesn't just make things a bit better, a bit more calm on the inside and joyful on the outside. This new way of Power With leadership changes the playing field entirely.

But first things first. Because change like this happens in steps, purposeful, conscious steps ... that start with leaders just like you who are willing to take on that inner turmoil, transform it and thread it into their life and work. 

We know just how to help you with that, how to guide you through your journey. 

We know that when you make that journey you're going to emerge a different person, you'll discover a type of gold that you can't see from here. And then you'll find innovative and creative ways of forging another part of the new Power With story.

We can hardly wait to support you and celebrate what you get up to.