It's good to meet you ...

How did I get to here? 

Thanks for asking :) ... here's a bit of it all ...

For more than 20 years I've work in the field of strategic learning, building and delivering programs for corporations and professional associations, globalizing content introduced in China, the Middle East and Europe and helping to build and eventually sell to a VC a tech start up, an learning platform Saas solution (and continuing on to help the VC backed companies that purchased them to build even larger tech platforms). A lot of development, a lot of work, a lot of airplanes!

Around my 50th birthday I had an ah-ha … at best I was at the high point of my life. Maybe even heading down the second act without realizing it. And a question came up, “If I keep going at this pace, in this way, will this be legacy I want to leave?”

The more I sat with this, talked with colleagues and friends, the more the answer was clear, “no”. The work played to my strengths for sure. But a legacy to live and die for? 


What happened next? That’s the story of The Courage Herd and Wakefulness Warriors and our mission to help leaders change the world from the inside out by developing an unshakable calm, clear presence and using that inner strength to help shift the way we work and live from power over to power with. 

Now I'd like to hear what brought you to this page, at this moment, because we've connected for a reason. Drop me a line and let's get to know a bit more about each other.